Teenage Demands


Money on your phone every month – a camera phone.

Membership to a gym.

Dropped off and picked up at every turn.

Friends to stay.

The traffic flows

It’s all one way

You want we give

You don’t pay

With words or thoughts

Or kindly deeds

You take the lot

We’re on our knees

To try to provide

As best we can.

Our efforts stink

You seem to say

With each ungrateful

Gesture or word

Or messy room.

The dishes pile up in the sink.

The clothes lie dropped where you will

Then you cry like a baby for your wants and needs.

Where are my clean clothes?

There’s nothing to eat in here.

You’re miserable

You’re mean

You’re a nag.

You, on the other hand, are a pleasure

To live with.

Like Harry’s Kevin

You are loathsome when your teenage tantrums

Display the most selfish aspects of your character.

The teenage displays of me, me, me

Are a disappointment and a rebuke

To everything we try to do.

Go work and visit the real world.

In the real world no one does everything for you

Or gives you things for nothing just because you exist

We’ve gone beyond providing for need

Now you’re expecting us to provide for greed.


3 thoughts on “Teenage Demands”

  1. Ah yes, the joys and tribulations of teenage years. Notice I say “joy” and not “trials because there are joys for sure when they get older. I loved how it gave me a chance to appreciate and hear music I did not have a chance to…a different genre when I was a teen there was Motown and Rock and what we called “druggie music”. So Motown is what I was into. My son played guitar and his playing Hendrix and Zeppelin allowed me to have that chance to appreciate amazing artists. The mess, the demands were annoying but the rest made it worth it.


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