Bargaining with Myself

Do you ever make bargains with yourself?

I do it with the children.

‘Tidy your room and then you can go out to play.’

‘Eat your dinner and then you can choose a sweet.’

‘Finish your homework and then you can watch some TV.’

But I do it with myself too.

I’m sitting at my laptop just now, saying to myself,

‘Go and put a washing on and tidy up and then you can come back to the blog.’

I’ve already spent more time than I probably should have on this site over the course of the weekend. And I’ve enjoyed it. But I do feel a bit guilty.

I find I feel guilty about stealing time for myself when I know there are so many other things needing done. Sometimes I don’t care and think, ‘I’m entitled. I work hard. This is ‘me’ time.’

But there are other times, like now, when I think. ‘You’ve had plenty ‘me’ time this weekend. Now go and do what you should be doing. And then you can come back to it.’

I’ve guilted myself into it. I’m going to be a responsible grown-up and do my chores.

What about you?

Do you make bargains with yourself?


9 thoughts on “Bargaining with Myself”

  1. I used to bargain with myself, more when the kids were at home but I do still when I have lots of chores (more like Spring cleaning and gutting those closets). The guilt, however, I can certainly relate to…it gets better when the kids have moved on but it does take getting used to. That said, “me time” has always existed, just did it when the household was sleeping. WI


    1. I know what you mean. I did a post on that called ‘Stealing Time’. Up for hours, maybe writing or watching TV or just enjoying the quiet.
      It was easier to steal it when all my kids were younger. Now, if I’m up too late I have one or other of the older ones appearing and asking, ‘Whatcha doin?’ And then plopping down beside me to have a natter.
      I love the ‘wee, sma’ hours’.x


      1. Have a “natter” 🙂 I love that expression. My son, the eldest always came up after midnight for a snack…did that until he was 19…well, would have probably done it longer, but I moved …that’s another story. So yes, weee hours were best. I even had a neighbour and we would tuck in our kids and our husbands and chat from 1am to 4 am. I miss her!!


  2. I used to be a pro in this. I used to bargain a lot with myself. But then I realized, I deserve to live my life. I am not a slave of anyone or anything. Yes there are things that need to get done, but in the first place I prioritize and choose the things I commit myself to.
    I hope you find what best suits you. 🙂


    1. Well, I’m obviously a bit of a pro at this myself, ‘cos I haven’t moved from the spot yet! Decided to check my emails, found myself on Facebook, contacted an old friend, clicked back in here.
      Just as well my kids don’t know I’m such a pushover with the right argument.
      Or maybe they do? I’ll have to watch my step.x


  3. Guilty here! but you know what? happy mom=not cranky=happy kids, its not like we neglect them. We just need a few hours to ourselves. But the guilt! oh the guilt does it ever go away! 😀


  4. Every day. It’s funny but here’s my blog schedule for writing and reading5-6 am or when I get up, 9-9:10 break time,11:30-12:30 lunch break, and 1-1:10 second break. Sucks!!! Or if I wake to let the pups out, I clean up email in that ten minutes then back to dreamland…crazy, huh? I am so enjoying reading this am, as the hubs is still sleeping:) have an amazing day:)


    1. Thank you for all your reading! Busy lady. Being up before everyone else is great for just lounging, drinking coffee and catching up. Usually he’s up before me and I get coffee in bed then do the lounging and reading. Score! 🙂 x


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