Pets and Promises

I managed to resist buying a dog for years.

I negotiated with my children each time it was mentioned and so we’ve had more hamsters than I care to think about, a few guinea pigs, a budgie, a couple of gerbils, goldfish and some woodlice that my kids thought would make good pets! My back garden is an animal graveyard. Natural expiration, I may add.

Last year, I gave in.

A three-month old Border Collie was bought.

There were promises made before the purchase.

We promise we will get up early and walk him before we go to school.

We will take turns at this task.

We will do it gladly even when it is raining.

We will groom him daily.

We will feed him.

We will wash him.

We will love him.


Peeta has adopted daddy as his running companion.

I feed him.

They love him.

And, when pressed, do all of the above.

But only when pressed.

He’s part of the family now.

So I have eight kids instead of seven!


8 thoughts on “Pets and Promises”

    1. Sooo much better than struggling with him in a bath and watching the walls get splattered when he shakes. Very entrepreneurial of the young ladies. They’ll go far.x


  1. I had a Border Collie named Laddie, he was my best friend, he listened to all my woes, all my troubles, and loves. My children had a Golden Lab her name was Jellybean. She passed away quickly a few daysbefore Big C and I moved into the city. I think it was the first real time my daughter felt utterly heartbroken and we miss Jellybean everyday.


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