Ok, God, I give Up

I’m getting a wee tiny bit fed up with God right now.

He keeps reminding me that I’ve got to do stuff.

And I’ve already got a lot of stuff to do.

I mean, who decides whose stuff is more important?

Is it my fault that some kids are enduring hardship beyond my imaginings?

Is it my fault that I’m not in the vicinity to comfort and console?

No way.

This shit is happening everywhere.

I can’t be everywhere.

I wish I could.

Like Superman turning back time to

Undo the doings of

Well, whoever.

I want to be


Or some gorgeous Superhero.

But, I’m not.


Do you get it?

I’m not.

Mrs. A picks up the broken child.

Mrs B reassures them that it’s not their fault.

Mrs C administers the plasters and the

There, theres.


What do I do?

I watch

I listen

I read

I think

I plan

I teach them a better way.

I hope.

I believe.

I hold.

I comfort.

I cherish.

I suffer with them.

I be there.