A Thing My Daughter Hates About Teachers

Apparently, we teachers have an irritating habit of beginning a sentence then pausing when it’s incomplete only to leave a question mark hanging at the end. You fill the missing word.

As in, ‘I would like you all to do your work……?’

Chorus, ‘Quietly.’

‘Yes, quietly. And when you have finished, you may choose a language……?’

Chorus, ‘Game.’

My little buggers all agreed with her and had the cheek to say that I do it at home!

‘I would like you to tidy your………?’


‘Or else, heads will…….?’


As if. I deny this completely.

I think she’s getting mixed up with the fact that I just sometimes forget what I’m saying or my mind wanders off on to something else.

So, if my sentences are incomplete, that’s probably more of an age thing than a teacher thing.

‘Don’t you think…….?’


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      1. Hey, you reminded me of a dream. One post coming up. Rest assured, if I win the lottery I’ll fire some your way. I’ll check my winnings first, though. Just how much is 25,00$ Cdn funds in real money?!x


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