I’ve kindled and googled.

I’ve blogged till I’m oodled.

My brain is a sea of sun.

I’ve washed and I’ve hung.

My day’s work all done,

So now the real fun has begun.

I’m paddling without wellies.

Making ice-cream and jellies.

And tickling my kids so they laugh.

With all this here sunshine

And paddling pool

There’s really no need for their bath.

When play is exhausted

And children all posted

And tucked up in bed for the night.

Dear hubby and I will

Savour the calm

And enjoy such blissful delight.


6 thoughts on “Bliss”

    1. After reading about Dubai, our temperatures seem a little tame. But, as you appreciate a London summer, you’ll know how glad we are to have the sun shining brightly – for however long it lasts.x


      1. Totally know how precious the summer moments are there. Make the most of it! Hope you have a great one!


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