Crap, Crap, Crap!

I’ve turned it on

And I can’t turn it off

It’s doing my head right in.

If I don’t stop writing this nonsense

I’ll have to throw it all

In the bin.

It’s a pity the plug has a problem

I really tried pulling it out

So the verbal flow had somewhere to go

But I can’t force the wee bugger out.

One blogger said it was whimsical

It is or maybe it’s not.

The problem you see, if it was just down to me

I don’t mind garbling pots  full of rot.

The trouble now is

With this blogging,

I post everything that I write

It could be a poem or a message list.

It could be a whole lot of shite.

Unless I’m removed from this laptop

I can’t really see what to do.

So, if you would bear with this problem

I’ll attempt not to write too much poo.


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