Two Pet-Hates

I stood in dog shit the other day. Well, slid, more like. Fortunately, there were no deep treads on my shoes so I didn’t have to do the whole ‘scraping-it-out-with-a-stick’ kind of thing.

But, what is it with some dog owners?

If I can go armed with my poop bags, why can’t they? It’s so inconsiderate.

Your dog. Your dog’s shit. CLEAN IT UP.

Have you ever tried removing dog kack from the wheels of a pram. Totally, boak-worthy. Gag reflex goes into overdrive. I’m gagging just thinking about it. So, I’ll move on. Boak!

Litter louts. That’s another crowd who get on my wick.

Parents who stand around and blab while their kids drop sweetie wrappers at their feet. Don’t the parents notice? Or care?

Patrons – adults and children alike –  from chip shops and takeaways who drop greasy papers and cartons on the ground.

Do they live here? If so, don’t muck up your own home ground.

And, if you don’t live here, don’t shit in my kennel!


7 thoughts on “Two Pet-Hates”

  1. When we had our last family home, on the front lawn I purchased a cute sign showing a dog pooing with an X crossed over it. Neighbours would walk by and smile and say, “that’s a cute sign” and I would say,”Oh, that’s not for the dogs, they know better…it’s for the dog owners.” to which they would sheepishly walk away. WI


      1. They are pretty cute too.When young children pass by I’d explain it to them and they would explain it LOUDLY to their parents afterwards…from the mouths of babes…awwww


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