We Are Sexy


Everyone is Welcome!

Driven by passion

Walking in stride, bold, beautiful, and full of pride

All sexy women unique in their style

Chest full of confidence; no breast full of confidence

Our hips swaying from side to side

The booty bounce swagger is going on

It’s an everyday catwalk, in the most feminine ways

We are the strong women in society


We are sexy!

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Food For The Soul

This bread I bring

Is for the king.

Once flour, grown from wheat.

Milled to separate the grain

Chaff flies in air to meet

The maker of all earthly joy

Each man, each woman,

Girl and boy.

Soaring freely,

Spirit knows

Where lies light and

Where it glows.

Photons, beams of radiance pure

Suspending darkness

In the hour

When Man is lost

Sees only bread

Omits the soul

Seeks only head

And worldly gains

That, though they sell,

If considered only,

Leave the husk; an empty shell.

The seed of wheat

Once planted whole

Accepts each portion

And its goal.

One part to feed the hungry man.

One part to feed the starving soul.

Conception to Birth

Bounteous bosom,

Welcoming womb

A fruit beginning to grow.

Love that engenders,

Is thoughtful and tender

Gives the seed only one man can sow.

Patience enduring

Caresses so soothing

Chill water to temper the brow.

Gravity forcing,

Muscles contracting

See the child, see the here, see the now.

No Regrets

Ponder those moments

Gone, not forgotten

Smile at the memories they bring

Cry when you’re happy

Laugh when you’re sad

Try your best just to sing –

Of hope and of wonder

Of faith and of love

Of joy sent from God

In awe of above.

Hindsight, a tool

To reflect what a fool

Regrets of life that is past

Today is pneumatic,

Energetic, ecstatic

Feel the force, feel the drive,

Make it last.

Dancing Daughter

Picture perfect,

Pointed toes,

She moves with sheer delight.

Twirling, whirling princess –

Sings and dances

With all her might.

A voice raised true

And arms out flung,

She does not have a care.

Her heart extols her virtue

No audience is there:

Except for me, a smiling mum

Watching through the glass.

Wishing childlike confidence

Might last when youth has passed.


Souls asunder

Seeking truth

Adventure, freedom.

This is youth.


A useless quest,

A journey lies

Within each breast.


Their fearsome friend,

A trusty ally

Till journey’s end.

To travel to

A foreign shore

New land, new life,

Where less is more.

Two souls seeking liberty,

Fraternity or sanctuary.

With such endeavour shining bright

Freedom found, in truth and light.


How have I offended you?

In thought or word or deed?

A moment’s madness, surely?

For to hurt is not my creed.

A tender heart to suffer

At wrongs I may impose,

Please take this humble offering,

Please take, from me, this rose.

A wayward word, a cruel remark,

From proud and sinful heart,

When once the arrow flees the bow

It finds its chosen mark.

This rose, with thorns, I offer you

For friendship is a sword

Double-edged with kindness

And, shame, the hurtful word.