How have I offended you?

In thought or word or deed?

A moment’s madness, surely?

For to hurt is not my creed.

A tender heart to suffer

At wrongs I may impose,

Please take this humble offering,

Please take, from me, this rose.

A wayward word, a cruel remark,

From proud and sinful heart,

When once the arrow flees the bow

It finds its chosen mark.

This rose, with thorns, I offer you

For friendship is a sword

Double-edged with kindness

And, shame, the hurtful word.



10 thoughts on “Friendship”

    1. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. I’d forgotten all about this one. Well, most of them really. Once they’re written they go out of my mind. Good to know though that they can still be found. 🙂 x

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