Faceless, Not Voiceless

A number of bloggers, including myself, remain faceless in their profiles.

We possibly do it for all sorts of different reasons.

For some, they may want to have the opportunity to speak on matters without anyone recognising who they are.

Others again, may choose to remain anonymous as they do not want to be judged on their profile picture but only on their words.

Others again, may shun the idea of public acknowledgement, shying away from any sort of visual public recognition.

I am a bit of all of the above and, quite possibly, so is everyone else who chooses to keep a low or non-visual profile.

I enjoy putting a face to bloggers I follow. I equally enjoy the anonymity of others, allowing me to guess at the face behind the words.

Either way, it is their words and not their picture that cause me to follow and visit again.




29 thoughts on “Faceless, Not Voiceless”

  1. Interesting point.. After recently signing up on another site which required a photo.. I moved into the ‘identifiable’ I have definitely also had to watch what I have written since then.. I feel censored and am thinking of going back to anonymity !


    1. I’m sure if my family or some friends tuned in they would know who I was. But, to the world out there, for the present, I’m just a voice. And I like it.x


  2. I’m the same – a combination of the reasons you’ve given. It doesn’t matter what I look like, it’s my words I want people to concentrate on. There’s also a (un)healthy dose of low self esteem and lack of self confidence in there too… great post.


      1. People are so quick to judge on appearances. I’ve got another blogger friend who said that when they changed their profile pic from an anonymous one to a real one of HER, she got loads of new male followers…


      2. My face has been banned from the internet for the damage it does to peoples screens when it appears without warning… hence the blank face & the cowl…


      3. “The sins in truth this mask doth cover, and yet in words and prose the truth doth become unmasked” a quote from… well, me, I just made it up to sound clever….


  3. Hmm, this is interesting and I hadn’t put much thought to it before. My blog is semi anonoymous in that you couldn’t stumble across it by searching my name although I do have a couple of photo’s of me in it and my profile picture is me and I have the odd photo of me in the blog itself. My reason for that is a very, very small handful of people who know me personally know this side of me and I am more open with my words because of that. The blog is my creative side that the mums in the playground or people I work with wouldn’t necessarily understand. It is my outlet. I put my photography on Facebook and people who know me know I am a photographer but the words are for me and strangers don’t tend to try and read too much into that so I can be more open. If that makes sence?


    1. It does. I may even, eventually, remove the cloak of anonymity but, for the moment, it serves a few purposes. A few people who know the writing side of me also know about this blog. I suppose I also partly wanted to see how my words would be received by others without them being able to point and laugh! For this reason, too, I have not linked my blog to anything else – yet. I’m enjoying tipping my writing toe into the safe world of WordPress.
      There are probably even more reasons that other people have for revealing or concealing. Those were just a few I mentioned that struck me.x


  4. I think my anonymity is partly my desire to say what I want with freedom and part lack of any photo uploading skills whatsoever. I managed to link something a few posts ago and thought I deserved an award. Nice to hear your reasons behind staying private articulated so well though.


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