WordPress, We Have a Problem.


So, there should be – somewhere – on the WordPress Help pages – advice.

Or a health warning. For what to do if, or when, blogging or writing becomes habitual and addictive.

Maybe we could call it W.A., ‘My name’s ????? and I just can’t help blogging or writing. It’s having an impact on my family. I think I may have a problem.’

I’m somewhat concerned and somewhat elated.

All these years of writing, dating and filing have found an audience; a raison d’etre.

‘Hear me!’, I’m shouting to my Reader page. ‘Write me!’, my mind is crying out.

(A small part; a very small part, teensy, in fact, is saying, ‘Bin me’)

I’m blanking her.


Liberating, exhilarating, motivating.

If I had known, if I had just known. If someone, anyone, had told me that finding an avenue for creativity bred creativity, I would have done this so long ago.

WordPress, take note.


11 thoughts on “WordPress, We Have a Problem.”

  1. Cute!! Are you thinking about starting a support group? What would it be called? Writers “r” US? Would our higher power be the DELETE key? Gotta love those evil sounds you both have made..I prefer a witches cackle…hehehehe (very throaty!) My biggest problem is that I never seem to have enough time to do the blogging I really NEED to do..so far so good, at least for today..Well I gotta go blog blog blog!!!! Hi, I am Cathy and I blog too much-no-I need to blog all of the time. I beat myself up for not blogging! I am going to my blog now! Love ya this was fun…xo
    Cathy the Blog nonono the Bagg Lady!


    1. When I stop feeding the kids and neglect all household duties to the point of filth, I’ll think about that support group. In the meantime, I’m embracing it and calling it my therapy. A woman’s gotta do ……. Anyway, oven chips and hamburgers are fairly nutritious. And, housework is so overrated.x


  2. I couldn’t even go on vacation without posting and trying to keep up with my reader despite spotty wi-fi. Sigh. I may need Bloggers Anonymous. But that would mean quitting first. Right?


    1. Well, I don’t know about quitting. I think the problem has to become monumental before taking such desperate measures. I might try a more controlled approach to combat my addictive personality.x


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