Simple Pleasures.

I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday with my husband, his sister and her husband.

Since they’ve moved further afield we don’t get to see them often.

Some might think that the absence of in-laws is a good thing. That may be true in some cases.

But not with these two.

Everything I like and enjoy in another person is evident in these two.

They’re loving.

They’re kind.

They’re good people.

And they enjoy a blether and a laugh.

Drinking chilled fizzy white, basking in the sun, some fruit, some cheese, some crackers.

And a whole lot of talk.

It doesn’t really get much better.


What’s In A Name?

A name, just a name,

A fortune of note,

A mark on a page

A registrar wrote.

A name, just a name

Beyond reason or birth,

Testing your fortune,

Your fate and your worth.

A name that’s so plain,

Like a John or a Jane,

Deep roots in the soil,

Does ambition wane?

Aspiring parents

Of babies new born

Choose a handle for life

Sometimes, out of the norm.

Is one name suggestive

Of life on the rise?

Another evocative

Of just live and survive?

What About Me? And me? And………


OK, I’ve got a problem. I let my children know I blog. It sounds like something that I ought to be ashamed of. It certainly is taking up more time, time that was previously dedicated to kids, housework, bonding time, reading, blah, blah, blah.

Or, so I’ve been told.

So, here goes.

Child 5 – ‘cos she asked first.

  • I want attention – and lots of it.
  • I want bonding time – any time.
  • I want to be able to discuss things we are both interested in. (Find out).
  • I want some one-on-one quality time.
  • I want to go to Starbucks with you and drink a chocolate frappuccino or latte and appreciate, together, the quality of a fine coffee.


So, sorted. I take her out once a week/fortnight/month and combine all her desires.

And then move onto number 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 6 or 7 and whatever their wishes may be.

Me? I just need some time for me.

And hubby? I’ll squeeze him in somewhere.

Absolutely Nothing

Movies, literacy and thought.

My 15 year old daughter persuaded me to have some ‘bonding time’ by watching a movie together.

I don’t do TV/movies well. My concentration sucks. Unless I know the story already; a movie I have already seen; or based on a book I’ve already read.

But, sometimes, motherhood requires us to do what we would rather not. And, if watching a movie constitutes bonding then I’ve got off lightly. She could have asked that I go ice-skating with her. Or clothes shopping. Ugghh.

When told that Hugh Jackman starred in X-Men, I gave in quite easily and salivated throughout the film.

From there, it was easy to persuade me to watch ‘The Hunger Games’. I had read the series so was pretty sure I would enjoy the film.

Impressed with Jennifer Lawrence’s acting in the above, it was an undemanding transition to ‘Silver Lining’s Playbook’.

With recommendations now flowing fast and furious, I was persuaded to extend bonding to ‘Iron Man’. My daughter was horrified when I compared Robert Downey Jnr. to my husband.

‘Oh, God, do I fancy my Dad?’

Negative reassurances had to be put in place. The similarities were slight!

Days and weeks have passed and still the bonding takes place with popcorn, sweets and movies I have a slight inclination to watch.

Surprisingly, I have closed the lid of my laptop and entered into this world with my daughter while she ‘cooried up’ beside me and nuzzled her enjoyment.

One of the movies we watched together was based on the book, ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ by Stephen Chbosky.

The most memorable and heartfelt moment is when the principal character reads a poem written by Osoanon Nimuss, entitled, ‘Absolutely Nothing’.

Tears and snotters.

But, what does this have to do with literacy and thought.

Well, when your children see a movie and are moved to read the book and then want to discuss its contents, I call that a score.

Daughter now wants a movie of, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green.

So, Hollywood, listen out.

The literary aspirations of our children are in your hands as well as those of parents and teachers.

Go meee, Go meee.



I would like to thank my country, my city, my town, my family, my mum and dad and sisters and brothers and hairdresser and priest and anyone else who thinks they deserve a shout out.

But it was me. All me. Me, I tell you.

I got the triple award. I am it and a bit with the bit that doesn’t even know it’s it.

Oops, wrong podium.

So, with all humility now in place, I would like to thank ‘Mummy Flying Solo’. Check her out. She soars and takes you along for the flight.

So nominees, this is what you are supposed to do if you are awarded.

  1. Display the Award Certificate on your website/blog
  2. Announce your win with a post. Make sure to post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination.
  3. Present up to 15 awards to deserving bloggers
  4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post
  5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.


Seven (Interesting) facts. If it was good enough for Fanny P. to emulate, it’s good enough for me.

  1. My first ever boyfriend was half-Greek with an unpronounceable name.
  2. My first overseas trip was to Greece – where I got to know more Greek boys.
  3. I’ve started reading Les Mis because I’ve now seen the movie about six times and the book has been lying on a shelf for years. Have you seen the thickness of it? And the title?
  4. I opened a twitter account in my own name after a few drinks, then deleted it within half an hour. I’ve since opened another but scuttled off the page rather quickly. I’m such a shit-bag, at times.
  5. I’m going camping in the Highlands with my gang. Soon. Maybe.
  6. Apple or android? Bananas.
  7. I’m so chuffed I got this done tonight. Another to go and I’m sorted.


And the nominees are. (No pressure here. If, as, when, or not, no sweat).!/read/blog/id/46330678/