What’s In A Name?

A name, just a name,

A fortune of note,

A mark on a page

A registrar wrote.

A name, just a name

Beyond reason or birth,

Testing your fortune,

Your fate and your worth.

A name that’s so plain,

Like a John or a Jane,

Deep roots in the soil,

Does ambition wane?

Aspiring parents

Of babies new born

Choose a handle for life

Sometimes, out of the norm.

Is one name suggestive

Of life on the rise?

Another evocative

Of just live and survive?

5 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?”

    1. That’s ‘cos I’m simple. No, let me put that another way!
      Communicating is about understanding and being understood. I don’t really see the point otherwise.
      Glad you like it.x


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