So Sure It Was Real

I smelled warm Danish pastries and fresh coffee this morning and saw my 15 year old carrying a tray, accompanied by my two youngest.

I sat up in bed and plumped up my pillows to make myself comfortable for the feast.

I looked to the door and no-one was there.

It took me a couple of confused seconds to realise that I’d just had a really vivid dream; vision, smells and all.

So I had a ciggy, checked my emails and went back for a snooze. 🙂


Something New Under The Sun, I Believe

There’s nothing new under the sun, they say.

There’s nothing new under the sun.

It’s all shared experience and common emotion.

There’s nothing new under the sun.


Seen it all before, they say,

We’ve seen it all before.

Life is a circle, spinning around.

We’ve seen it and done it before.


I want to do something different, we say.

Need to do something different today.

I need to express, to answer a quest.

I want to do something different today.


Why bother your arse with a plan, they say?

Why bother your arse with a plan?

God will just laugh and change it, they say.

Why bother your arse with a plan?


If I don’t do something worthwhile, I say.

If I don’t do something worthwhile.

I might as well die and decay, I say,

If I don’t do something worthwhile.


I have a purpose for life, I shout.

I have a purpose for life.

I just have to figure it out, I say

I just have to figure it out.


There’s something new under the sun today

I’ve never seen it before.

I searched for a reason for life, I say.

I knocked and He answered the door.


There’s something new under the sun, I believe.

There’s something new under the sun.

Each unique soul has a goal, I believe,

That’s something new under the sun.


Twenty-six years is a snap.

Half of my life is a snap.

Snap! Snap! Say it quickly.

Years flash by just like that.


Now, half of my life I’ve been married,

The other half, where did it go?

I remember it all like yesterday.

Yet, it’s half my lifetime ago.


The last twenty-six is a blur,

Made of loving and children and hope,

But, it’s flown by so quickly without me.

It’s recorded mostly in note.


More than half of my life is gone

In a snap, two times twenty-six years.

If the rest is as speedy as that was

I’ll be reflecting only with tears


For all of the times that I wasted

All the occasions I lost in despair.

For my failures, regrets and confusions.

All the times when I was not fully there.


The rest of my life is before me,

All of those days lie ahead.

If God grants me more time to live them,

I’ll count the minutes and hours instead.


Twenty-six years married today.

I have some things to thank my husband for.


For still finding me ‘hot’ when I’m sure that I’m not,

For hugging me when I feel down.

For sneaking up behind me to cuddle me

When I’m trying so hard just to frown.


For loving my bottom, my boobs and my eyes,

For loving my stretch marks, my smile and my thighs.

For loving my nutty behaviour as well,

When anyone else would say, ‘Just go to hell’.


For being so strong, hard-working and true,

For simply being there, whatever I do.

For bringing me coffee in bed every morn,

For being so loving with each child that was born.


For resisting the urge to have a good nag,

When I reach for the packet to take out a fag.

For being a father and husband so great,

For being so patient when I ask you to wait.


For being the person I thought you would be,

For twenty-six years of still loving me.

Photo Fables #33 – For Scottishmomus

Finn at The Fortunate Artist came up with this amazing story from one small picture. Talent. And then some. Thank you, Finn. I love this.x

The Fortunate Artist


Photo Credit: Scottishmomus

There is a girl with fire in her eyes.
I watch her when I’m not supposed to, while she sits on her roof; sometimes whispering, sometimes laughing. At times she sits so still but I know there is something burning within her. I know her heart wants to float away with the heat of it; a hot air balloon.

I saw her in the hallway at school once.
She looked up at me, it was quick but I saw what was really there. She had flames holding her irises, blue and red and gray smoke. Embers that anyone would walk barefooted on to reach.

Tonight something is wrong.
The stars shine dully, the air sighs with a wilted breeze.
She is not still, she is not laughing, she is not whispering. Her shoulders shake as if the fire in her will erupt; a volcano of despair.


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