Twenty-six years married today.

I have some things to thank my husband for.


For still finding me ‘hot’ when I’m sure that I’m not,

For hugging me when I feel down.

For sneaking up behind me to cuddle me

When I’m trying so hard just to frown.


For loving my bottom, my boobs and my eyes,

For loving my stretch marks, my smile and my thighs.

For loving my nutty behaviour as well,

When anyone else would say, ‘Just go to hell’.


For being so strong, hard-working and true,

For simply being there, whatever I do.

For bringing me coffee in bed every morn,

For being so loving with each child that was born.


For resisting the urge to have a good nag,

When I reach for the packet to take out a fag.

For being a father and husband so great,

For being so patient when I ask you to wait.


For being the person I thought you would be,

For twenty-six years of still loving me.


19 thoughts on “Frank”

  1. I absolutely adore this. It is beautiful, touching, sweet, funny… and such a wonderful tribute to the love you share with your husband. Here’s to 26 more years!


    1. Shiiiit! If I try to think that far ahead I can feel my brain working up to implosion. He is a great guy, though, so I daresay I’ll put up with him if he’ll put up with me!x


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