Nosey daughter

Have you got one?

‘Cos I have.

A child who’s always there,

Asking, talking, questioning,

Why and what and where?

It’s not for education,

Nor for elucidation,

I’ve got a nosey daughter.

Is there any medication?

She wants to know

Who said what

And when

And who did that?

She lurks around with adults

To pick up tit and tat.

I tell her this is not a trait

That anyone should acquire.

Her answer? ‘How will I know

If I don’t look and enquire?’

All conversations must begin

By scoping out the field;

Is daughter hovering closely,

Awaiting what will yield

From idle tongues,

Careless chatter,

Or serious talks

And things that matter?

‘Curiosity killed the cat,’ they say.

I’ve tried to tell her that.

Or, ‘Eavesdroppers hear

Only evil,’

She, vehemently, denies this flat.

 ‘ I just want to know

What’s happening.

I just want to see who’s here.

How will I know anything

If I don’t listen carefully,

With ear?

I just want to know

All your business

Your thoughts

And also your words.

I like to know all that is happening.

So, shoot me!  Stab me with swords!

I can’t help my nature,

My curious mind,

I can’t help this urge that’s within.

I just want to know everything

And why and where stuff begins.

Forgive my intrusive questions.

I’ll try to rein in the flow.

I’ll work on this problem, you call it.

But, really, I just want to know.’


This curious flaw in her nature

Has benefits, you cannot doubt.

If I want to know all the gossip,

On her, I just have to shout.

All that has happened,

Is and was,

All that will surely be.

I have a daughter who knows all the news

All the whys and the wherefores

All the points and the views.

I have a daughter that’s nosey.

I’m stating this without pride;

But, if you’ve got a secret

And she’s about. I’m warning you.

Just hide.



Amber eyes

In lupine form;


Sniffing air,

Darting field of vision.

What’s lurking

Way out there?

Pet, not wolf,

Nor wild, wanton beast,

Doggy with tummy to tickle,

Genetic evolution,

Ambiguous traits,

Family member, with character fickle.


The lawnmower burrs,

Invades my daydream

Becomes a background sound –

Voices carry,

Plane soars by,

Life forms all around.

None intrude my reverie,

None break my peace and calm,

None cry out for attention –

Just soothing, distant balm.

A quiet orchestral pleasure,

Mismatching cacophony,

A far-off horn, a soughing breeze,

Perfect  harmony.