The Politics Of Snobbery

Here on my mountain

With magnificent view,

I can look far below with disdain

At all of the plebs beneath me;

All those who, for me, have no name.



Smiling with sweet condescension,

A patronising nod to their need.

I sit in the lap of the gods;

On ambrosia and nectar we feed.



Such rich repast would merely confuse

The illiterate palate below.

Throw them a little education,

But obscure it so they really won’t know.



Blind them with science

And ambiguity,

Ensure inaccessible form.

Return to elite education.

Keep lack of knowledge the norm.



Buy them a pint and a promise,

Pretend you’re impressed with their ways,

Retire to your fort in the forest above

And damn them with faintest of praise.



This human nature,

With aim so select,

Denies the purpose of word,

Ponders and bewails the glorious arcane;

Guards enlightenment with sword.



Only for some;

And then, just a few.

Greek and Latin observe.

Shakespeare is king

And there’s only one way

For educated man to serve.



We serve the word

And the word serves us.

Creativity has many faces.

Elitist snobs with distorted views

Divide all people and races.



Your mountain view, though elevated,

Sees only distant truth.

Partial disclosure is really a lie.

Effete snobbery, uncouth.


What Noah Built Next

Now, Noah built an ark of wood,

Upon its deck he humbly stood.

‘I’ve measured, sawed and hammered too,

Fulfilled instructions, through and through.’


He called all creatures to his care.

They jumped and hopped and slithered there.


‘We’ve got the lot, now let’s set sail.

The waters will see to the fish and the whale.’


Forty days it rained and poured,

In Scotland, that’s called summer.

The sun shone not, the clouds they formed.

Really, what a bummer!


The smells began to take their toll

Effluence from many an ass.

Noah had forgotten to create a hole

To drain the thick morass.


He sent a dove in desperation.

‘Please let this be over.

I’m ready for some firm, dry land;

I’ll feel like I’m in clover.’


The dove returned from mercy flight

Leaf grasped within its beak.

Noah felt such great relief

That he could hardly speak.


A little while and then he said,

‘Right, off and find a home some place.

Spread it wide and stay from me;

I’m sick of every face.’


‘Forty days cramped with you crowd.

I’d say I’ve done my bit.

And, by the way, kids, there’ll be no dog;

Can’t deal with one more shit.’


The sun then shone, the clouds did part.

A sight to gladden any heart.

Noah felt a swelling in his chest

But also in his belly.

Trembling shook his very soul

And turned his knees to jelly.


‘No, no, no, say it’s not so!’

He spoke right from the heart.

‘I’m worried, if I let this one go,

It might not be a fart.’


‘One more crap I cannot take

One more disgusting smell.

I’m going to build a toilet next;

A deep, unending well.’


‘I’ll measure it and make a door,

I’ll saw with all my might.

No-one ever should suffer again

From unremitting piles of shite.’


Noah’s wife was not amused.

He did not fit a seat.

So every time she went to clean,

She had to mind her feet.


‘Noah, dear, you’ve dealt with shit.

Now, could you deal with this?

Build a little lid for me

And when you pee try not to miss.’


‘You answered God

Look what you got

Now listen to your wife.

Put the seat down when you’re done

If you want a quiet life.’


The lesson from this little lot

Is really quite a loop.

Always take some bags with you

For picking up pets’ poop.

Cleanliness is next to God

And diarrhoea, though funny,

Can be avoided if you wash –

Avoid that dicky tummy.

Remember, too, to hearken well

And listen to God’s missives.

And when you’ve done what He has asked,

Listen to your missus.

A Share In Creation

A melody played on classic guitar.

Voice rising high in the choir.

Sweater that’s knitted with love in hand.

Stories told around a real open-fire.

Bake me a cake as well as you can;

Frost it and fill it with love.

Draw me a picture

Or paint me a scene

Of mountains and sky above.

Take one egg and sow a seed,

A boy or a girl to grow

Simple components

Creative soul

New formation will show.

Tend to a crop and harvest with care

Grow grapes and change them to wine.

Changing base elements

To something more pure;