Life Glimpsed

In the land of a thousand journeys,

Under skies with a million stars,

Live people with many a problem,

Seeking answers from galaxies afar.


In a world where many are broken,

Where scars sear hearts and mind,

Live angels of light and healing,

Touching so others will find –


A home where no one is troubled,

Where joy is a lifelong gift,

To the home where love’s all abounding,

We take our troubles and lift –


Ascending, spiralling staircase,

Through voids in planetary worlds,

Tumbling to future pathways,

Mists of time and space in whorls.


Apparitions appear in the ether,

Soul from future and past,

Presence in present, ever and always,

Spiritual journeys to last.


Lifetimes searching for meanings,

Transverse paths do cross,

Lessons from self across distance and time,

None of these messages lost.


Subconscious; all recollections,

Surface when hurts should heal,

Sleep with the angels and spirit of self,

Mornings, all truths will reveal.


Momentary madness is all déjà vu,

Not life lived before or again,

But life glimpsed in pockets of future and past,

Touched, by memory’s stain.


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