Measured Moments

Measured, these moments of madness,

Scaled and graded by pain,

Treasured, as lessons in living,

To hold and look at again.


Reflected in face in the mirror,

Reflections, mirror the soul,

Reflective, meditative cognizance,

Reflexive actions our goal.


Aiming the arrow at inner belief,

Pondering shunned for the primal,

Intuitive action from gut reaction,

Warriors, born to be visceral.


Inherent, innate, insuperable,

What is right lies deeply within,

Say your piece, make your choice with action,

Take criticism right on the chin.


Repetition, pursuit and practise,

For expertise, hardily strive,

Understanding borne from experience,

Reassures you’ve learned, are alive.


Decisions, questions and problems,

Answers sought and bought with cost.

Measured, those moments of madness,

Mean nothing in life is lost.