A Good Man,……

……they say, is hard to find.

This is most probably because women have an unfortunate habit of looking under stones and in crevices to find them. Understandably, these women imagine that the natural habitat for a man must be with other spineless organisms or insects.

Sometimes, in fact, these women will succeed in finding one of the male species hidden among the debris. Should this happen to you, you have several options.

1)   Stand on it.

2)   Put the stone back into position – firmly.

3)   Run away – screaming.

4)   Wrap it up in a tissue and flush it down the toilet with the rest of the crap and the goldfish whose concentration span exceeded one of these low-life.

NOW. To my initial point.

A good man is not always so difficult to find. Searching in the wrong places greatly reduces your chances of finding one, however. So, avoid all locations where night crawlers dwell.

Certain characteristics mark out a good man from the other type.

Not all characteristics will appeal to all women.

But, many women – amazing women – have come to recognise valuable traits in a good man.


He is kind – Not, necessarily, with money, although miserable bastards are to be avoided. No, his kindness will be manifest in his dealings with others and with you. This may easily be observed. If you need me to point this out, you do have a problem with being attracted to leeches.


He is considerate – He may not remove your stilettos and massage your weary feet, but, a cup of tea and a choccy biccy show some measure of consideration worthy of a second glance.


He is generous – Again, not necessarily, in the fiscal department (but do remember that earlier warning). He will, at least, ensure that your orgasm happens before or simultaneously with his. After is not really an option, unless well…..just unless.


He is hospitable – Glaring at your friends and muttering , ‘oh, fuck, not again,’ when your family calls are not signs readily equated with hospitable. A cup of tea and that choccy biccy will go some way towards demonstrating hospitality to your family/friends before kindly helping them on with their coats.


He is humorous –Laughing at you does not bloody count. OK? Big thundering grunts and guffaws are a bit of a turn-off too. The ability to amuse and be amused with a suitably demonstrative manly laugh will more than suffice.


He is handy – This may be interpreted in many ways.

a)   Ability to massage – a definite plus.

b)   Knowing which side of a screwdriver is up – another plus.

c)   Recognising that he has fingers on his hands – yup, yup, yup.

d)   Living locally helps.


He is patient – not so’s you can walk all over him but enough that he doesn’t start a foul-mouthed rant because you’re taking too long to get ready.


There may be some others I’ve forgotten.


Oh, yeah, loving, passionate, attentive, intelligent, good with kids……


What he should not be.

1)   A psychopath (this works equally for women).

2)   A bastard         (   ditto     ).

3)   A complete tool.

4)   Lazy.

5)   Slobby.

6)   Ideally, he will not dress up in your clothes unless this works for you.


So, not too hard to find a good man at all then, eh?

Happy hunting.


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