So. There’s an amazing woman out there. And it’s not me. But, being one myself, I can recognise a kindred spirit.

Her amazingness is similar to mine in many ways. And, also, quite dissimilar.

All the amazing women I know are like that, strangely enough.

There are characteristics in amazing women that anyone with eyes might observe.

An aura of amazingness radiates, nimbus-fashion around their head and sometimes around their whole being.

They appear to be lit up from inside, sending fingers of light beaming from their pores.

Not everyone can see this. That’s a bit of a shame.

It means that many amazing women are out there glistening like sun on water and being overlooked by those who constantly stumble through life wearing sun-shades.

While those sporting light-diminishing wear think this makes them look cool, it, actually, only succeeds in obliterating opportunities for them to encounter and recognise amazing women.

There are amazing women with strength and courage to rival Samson and David; women whose determination to go on, despite life’s experiences, grants them entry to the Sisterhood of Amazing.

There are children who constantly look upon amazing women and call them by that widely-acknowledged synonym for amazing – Mum.

There are fathers out there who look with love upon their amazing daughters and wonder if there will ever be a man worthy to gaze upon her let alone court such symbols of amazingness.

Some brothers even recognise the amazing characters known as sisters. It is unusual but it happens.

Many sisters gaze lovingly in amazement at the amazing splendidness of their own sisters. This one can take time to grow.

Friends, everywhere, are looking at each other in awe at the amazing properties inherent in the natures of their amazing friends.

Not all women are amazing. Some of them are dead. Then they’re saints. Which is pretty amazing too, I suppose.


Just removed the tongue from my cheek. Ouch!

I know. There are some real biatches too!

I may do a post on how to avoid said women.


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