Your words cause me to wonder.

Humanity, you oppress.

On earth we’re all-inclusive,

All Mankind is blessed.

Not straight,

Not white,

Not rich,

Not west.

The gay,

The black,

The poor,

The depressed.

Your narrow field of vision,

Your distorted point of view,

Your bigotry, your cruelty,

Your bias, nothing new.

You scoff at all the differences,

The colours and the creeds,

Jeer at God’s creation,

His diverse, established deeds.

Are you to question

His creation

His breath on all Mankind?

Retire alone

Within your cave,

So perfection, you may find.

When you arise

Above the ground

And truth assails your eyes

Recognise equality;


Is not wise.


Hunted or Haunted

A lifetime’s search for what is real,

The hunter and the hunted.

Reaching, failing, gripping steel,

The hunter and the hunted.


Howling hounds, oppressive needs

The haunter and the haunted.

Misadventures, destructive deeds,

The haunter and the haunted.


Managed pain, depressive fears,

The hunter and the hunted.

Cruel saboteur of wasted years,

The hunter and the hunted.


Phantoms rise to taunt and taint,

The haunter and the haunted.

Conscienceless, a mindless faint,

The haunter and the haunted.


I sometimes think I am a bit of a hypocrite.

At 13, I went with my brother to a church disco and had my first kiss under the mistletoe. (More like two heads banging together, actually).

At 15, I regularly went to discos with a 17 year old friend and danced till the small hours.

At 18, I had my first working holiday abroad with a friend.

At 19, I went back myself to do it all again.

At 20, I graduated college and returned to Greece, this time to teach.

To extend my visa, I toddled off to Turkey with a friend where we were ‘lifted’ by the police because we were out after curfew. (At least, I think that was why.) It was done to protect us – long story – and no arrests were involved!

With children of my own at various ages, I have to constantly bite my tongue. The temptation to say, ‘No’, to everything for their own safety would see them locked in a padded room.

Respect to my mum. I don’t know how she did it. Unless it was just one day at a time as I’m doing. As we’re all doing, maybe.

Arc of Discovery

Arc of discovery

In a circle of illusion,

Pain of recovery

In worlds of confusion.


Heat of a heart,

Fires of passion.

Gnaw of hunger,

Times of ration.


Choice of one

In a quandary or quest.

Voice of advice

From one who knows best.


Kindling of lust

In forbidden knowledge.

Poetry of pleasure,

Bestowing some solace.


Drops of rain

In scorching sun.

Point of pain

In one who is numb.


Breath of become

An air of just breathe

Songs that whisper,

‘Hold fast and believe.’


Put things into perspective.

You have no perspective.

You need another perspective.

We all have a different perspective.


If anyone knows where this can be bought, where it has been put, why we need more than one and why there are so many different varieties please let me know.

All perspectives will be welcome as I am now looking at things differently.