Arc of Discovery

Arc of discovery

In a circle of illusion,

Pain of recovery

In worlds of confusion.


Heat of a heart,

Fires of passion.

Gnaw of hunger,

Times of ration.


Choice of one

In a quandary or quest.

Voice of advice

From one who knows best.


Kindling of lust

In forbidden knowledge.

Poetry of pleasure,

Bestowing some solace.


Drops of rain

In scorching sun.

Point of pain

In one who is numb.


Breath of become

An air of just breathe

Songs that whisper,

‘Hold fast and believe.’

4 thoughts on “Arc of Discovery”

  1. I like this!…
    I enjoy your thoughts and the beautiful flow you put them to rhyme
    each unique, each a piece of your essence….
    Thank you for sharing….
    Take Care…


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