An Illicit Pleasure

Back and forth,

Up in the air,

Stomach somersaulting.

Stolen treats

On children’s swing,

Heart to mouth pole-vaulting.


Someone comes.

It’s not a kid.

The parkie’s on his way.

Jump off fast before you’re caught.

That really made my day.


Gasping air,

Knees to chin.

No wonder kiddies love it.

So much better being on board

Than standing by to shove it.


13 thoughts on “An Illicit Pleasure”

    1. I’m practically writing as I cook and hoover. ( Not now. Way too late for that) A stream of drivel mostly but it kept my mind going while my hands were working too.x


      1. Remember that show “Who’s the Boss?” If they had had a cat, there would have been no confusion about it. Actually, there may have been a cat…I can’t remember…


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