Mine or Yours

Who told you to touch that?

That cotton wool is mine.

I’m warning you, leave my stuff,

This is the last time!


Buy your own!

Leave mine alone!

I don’t touch yours, so there!

Well, not unless you’re not at home

And I’m stuck for what to wear.


But I wash it then

And put it back,

Hide my sneaky forage –

I don’t leave you with nothing –

And a drawer that looks like porridge.


I’m telling you,

I’m telling mum.

Just listen when I yell.

Leave my bloody stuff alone

And I’ll leave yours as well.


Except for this.

Can I borrow that?

I’ll take good care.

It’s just a hat.

It goes with what I want to wear –

Your dress that’s lying on that chair.


Just one shot

And then we’re done

And you can share my make-up

But, don’t tell mum.

She’ll have a fit.

She doesn’t like you caked-up.


I’ll disarm her with a smile,

I’ll draw her fire for you.

Lend me this, you have that,

That’s just what sisters do.


OK, pet, I love you too,

But, sometimes, you’re a pain.

Four years separate our lives,

But let’s just try again.


We share a room,

Now, let’s share stuff,

But have a bit of thought.

Borrow what you have to,

But not the stuff just bought.


Let me have first dibs on that,

I worked to buy that dress.

Let me wear it once or twice

Before you make a mess


Of all I own,

All that we share,

All that, in love and war,

Is fair.


Let’s call a truce,

A pipe of peace,

Put your hand right there.

Quick, make up

Be friends again,

Mum’s coming up the stair.


No, no, mum, there’s nothing wrong,

Everything’s just fine.

All her stuff is her stuff,

And all of mine is mine.


Except, sometimes,

When need is great

And a sister is your friend.

Only then, yes only then,

We’ll borrow and we’ll lend.


7 thoughts on “Mine or Yours”

  1. I don’t know what “mine” and “yours” means. As far as I’m concerned, everything is mine. *rubs cat hair all over dress*


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