I Wish I’d Looked After My Bum

The following can be blamed on one Brian Hughes from http://wyreantiquarian.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/dominoes/ .

Mention of Pam Ayres had me repeating the only line I could remember, ‘I wish I’d looked after my teeth’.

In an effort to remove the offending refrain from my mind for the rest of the day, I penned this little ditty. I hope that it not only obliterates the previous phrase but succeeds in acting as a subliminal message to my ego and activates the necessary steps. I doubt it. But, it’s worth a try.


Someone once told me

A bum should be pert,

Defined, with muscle, to boot.

A well-toned ass

From severe work-outs,

Observed, as a bit of a beaut.


Alas, to say, my bot is too big.

It’s full and fulsome and there.

It’s never been different,

I don’t do enough,

It’s too often sat in a chair.


My teeth are ok,

My eyes are quite fine,

I work on trimming my tum,

But, arse is forsaken,

It’s wobbled and shaken.

I wish I’d looked after my bum.


Blame him. See above.

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