Memorial to Simplicity

It’s no longer the place I grew up in. It hasn’t been for a long time.

Back then, women pushed prams along the Main Street, while stopping to chat to every other person. A neighbour, a friend, a connection.

Local shops spilled their wares onto the pavement and whitewashed prices in their windows, enticing shoppers in with a smile and a service second-to-none.

Standing beside my mum at a counter that rose high above my head, while she read from her list of requirements. Or, sometimes, she handed it over.

Staff got busy, collecting and packing from high shelves and a back-shop too impossibly small  to support the vast array on offer.

Butter was patted and wrapped in waterproof, cheese sliced with a wire stretched between two wooden handles.

Workers scurried back and forth behind the counter while I admired the niceties behind the glass, touching with fingertips and nose.

Mum paused briefly in her bletherings to tap my hands away, me guiltily looking at my fingerprints left on the glass.

‘Do you want that delivered?’ they would ask.

‘Yes,’ was often the response.

Double-checking the address was merely a courtesy.

Freddie’s cafe followed. Booths with red-vinyled seats back-to-back, filled with mums and kids. Italian ice-cream made from scratch smothered with raspberry sauce, licked till the bowl was clean. Another tsk! from mum.

At 13, I had my first part-time job in this cafe, serving with a smile and pleasure; to be part of a world where chat and good cheer were pervasive.

Those days, a memorial to simplicity.



17 thoughts on “Memorial to Simplicity”

  1. Days of texting, driving, watching DVD’s, and eating all at the same time isn’t simple? I guess I should at least take my book off the steering wheel.


  2. Go to the isle of Raasay, they still have a wonderful post office where your mail is kept in pigeon holes, all wooden and well aged, get there by ferry angd I want to live there…….there isnt even a Boots came from my Farfa’ wife…… shattered dreams.


    1. Is that up north? I’m sure I passed a sign for it years ago while hitchhiking with a friend. ‘Ramsay Ferry Terminal 1/2 mile’. I remember because we set it to music and marched along to it while we walked. As you do. And someone shouted across a field for us to shut up ‘cos it was a Sunday. Well, we thought that’s why it was! Or, am I getting my places mixed up?x


      1. Hi, its an island off the coast of ilse of Skye, itsca 10 minute ferry ride its idyllic, quiet, you can get picked up by horse and cart, nthere is a residential adventure centre as well. Yes well they like a quiet Sunday =)


      2. So I did recognise the name? And that was so long ago. A beautiful part of the world. I quite fancy the horse and cart too. Fewer running costs maybe and lots of lovely manure.x


      3. BUT!!!!!…………there is always a but, the midgies are horrendous, they wear hobnailed boots and sharpened their teeth of the granite. If you are into archaeology there is Neolithic and Bronze age mounds as well as standing stones. 🙂


      4. One day I hope to be back in that neck of the woods – midgies not withstanding.
        We’ve spent a bit of time over the years exploring various beautiful bits of Scotland. (Couldn’t take 7 kids abroad|)
        There are so many fascinating as well as beautiful things to see.
        And Avon Skin So Soft is supposed to be good for keeping the midgies at bay. Haven’t tried it myself but many swear by it.One of the ingredients in one of the scents is the answer, apparently.
        We went campiing in Glencoe a couple of years ago in a ‘forest’. Sharp teeth and millions of them.
        Midgies apart, I bet you wouldn’t swap it?x


      5. Yes your correct about Skin so Soft, the midgies hate it, but take some Jungle Formula spray just in case. I wished I lived there, I live over on the NE 10 miles from the coast which is just as adventurous. If you are ever this way let me know and I will be your guide. 🙂 I am just putting together my photography site again after it being hacked and destroyed, there will be lots of images on there of the NE coast and my favourite place Dunnottar Castle, where I work as a guide and greeter and I love it. The castle was the inspiration for the castle in the animation Brave. 🙂


      6. I just popped over and see you’re building. How awful. All your work just gone. Any ideas on culprits or is that an impossible task?
        I’ll look forward to viewing it once it’s up and running. Let me know.x


  3. Because I have my own domain I have a log of who via an IP address who has been on, but if they are using a proxy they can route through 100’s of IP addresses before mine and they are mainly from China, programming students playing silly sods. I am working on the site just now so I am hoping to get as much a I can done before I am away on holiday in the morning. Last time I had to rebuild it was my other site and I hit delete by mistake and wiped the lot lol and people have trusted me with multi pound systems lol 🙂


  4. I am going to add more securities through the the control panel of my domain, stop being so lazy when it comes to adding and removing stuff, making sure that my passwords are more complicated, but in the long term its down to the programmers when they write programmes such as WP making it a little securer. This time is was my fault like I said if I had just been a little bit more secure. It happens and its just random, no one picks you. In the days of dialup it was a lot easier. There was a programme that was designed for corporate users to have their employees to work from home and could log into the system at work, but the hackers changed it slightly and could hide a small programme on a system via email and then all they had to do is run the software from their end and get a list of all the IP addresses that had this programme on it, all you did was choose an IP address and if that computer was live you could access it and take full control, locking out the user installing a key logger to record every key stroke made which would then send a email with all the key strokes, you get passwords, usernames, credit card details, if the computer was in a bedroom it had been known for the hacker to switch on the camera and watch what was going on.
    Today with the advances of computer and internet securities that has now become very difficult. Just have a good antivirus and firewall, update often, don’t install or download anything that you don’t know or don’t understand, make sure antivirus scans emails and try and use an online email such as Gmail, Yahoo & Hotmail, those systems have built in antivirus and will often notify you. But its down to you, be sensible, Would you take a gift or accept a cream cake from a total stranger, then don’t do it online 🙂
    Sorry I went on a bit but many years of going into companies and telling them the same lol, don’t get me started on backing up lol 🙂


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