Them Pancakes

The bin overflows

There’s food on the floor

And dishes are piled in the sink.

Children are dirty wee buggers,

Never stopping to think.

A game to be played,

A mess to be made,

A busy day firing on fuel.

I’ll clean up this place,

But – as a punishment –

I’m making a pot full of gruel.


See how they like them pancakes!


Helios And Hades

Dismal days

Drench my spirits.

Dolors dwell


Driving downpours

Deluge the seeds.

Dependent weather moods.


Sunny rays

Sharpen senses,

Soar inside my breast.

Saves the slave

Of soulful song,

Sending shockwaves


Sensuality stirred,

Simmered in sun,

Seeps sensitively.

Swallow sunlight.


Harmony in helios

Human hunger hearkens.

Heavens herald glory,

Hades harnessed in