Sexy Wee Number

So, boyo number 1, has a lovely new car. Well, not new new. New to him. It’s blue. And shiny.

My little black fiesta looks manky and pathetic next to it.

Bet you, he won’t have the kids eating crisps in it. Or the dog licking the window. Or message bags leaking milk.

Nope. ‘It’s just for me and my gal.’


I want a sporty wee number to look sexy in. And I don’t mean a dress.

6 thoughts on “Sexy Wee Number”

  1. We live in the middle of woods, and have to park the car roadside, under huge trees. So, while the car innards are trashed by the kid, the outside is used as a public restroom by the families of birds that cohabitate the tree under which we are parked. Yours can’t be much worse than mine…take heart.


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