Peter Green

Musical genius,

I am told.

Fleetwood’s master,

A raging success.

Conspiring to elude monetary


Failure to thrive  an adjunct to his fame.

Sixties’ child, not merely,

Green Manalishee.

Just a name to me.

A legend to some.

12 thoughts on “Peter Green”

  1. I take it he was the chap from Fleetwood Mac who died recently…because I can’t think of any musical geniuses (with the exception of John Lennon who used to come here as a kid) that have originated in Fleetwood.


    1. Feck! Did he die? I only wrote about him because last week, or whenever the sun last shone, one of our neighbours was having a blast from the past and my ancient husband was going gaga over it. He explained to me who he was. Dead? I’ll have to go Google this now.x


      1. Oh…in that case, probably not. Somebody died last week. Might have been someone out of Pink Floyd or something. I haven’t got a clue. My brain has melted.


    2. Right, this is too depressing. I have just trawled Google searching to see if Peter Green was dead or alive. Did you know there’s a site called Necropedia? I don’t know what their game is but they had a notice of his death which, they state in red letters, is not true. The obituary was written before he died!
      So, I don’t know if he’s living or not.
      I sure as hell am not trawling through any more press notices. Do you know how many Peter Greens there are – or, rather, have been?
      I must also refrain from writing anything else about real people. Just in case.x


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