Enchanted limbs and perfect vision,

Acutest powers of hearing,

Wholesome body in and out,

No need for any healing.


But pain, it comes, and haunts our days

In many different, subtle ways.

One, it brings a babe, at end,

This pain, some say, is like a friend,

It can be cruel but moments later,

Love makes all forgotten.


The greatest hurt is chronic pain,

I feel, there’s no relenting.

Its powers torture all life’s parts,

In effect, it’s life-preventing.

Mental anguish torn in shreds

From sources in and out,

Debility, all encompassing,

Is worse, I have no doubt.


OM  had a bit of a discussion going today on pain scale and I put in my tuppence worth. It set me thinking.

I want to dedicate this poem to because she complimented me beautifully just a short while ago and she is always so bright despite her own suffering.


The Strangers

Soon, the strangers will appear,

When nothing’s left for world to fear.

No antidote for hopelessness,

And sleep, the only thing that’s blest,

Oblivion, no more duress.


Sooner, come the strangers now,

Lamenting earth’s betrayal, how

A planet once so self-supporting

Is haemorrhaged and now aborting,

Bleeding into lakes.


Soonest time, the strangers come,

Little time to change for some,

And most begin to wonder why,

The earth, once loved, began to die.

And so, all children cry.


The strangers came, they left again,

Nothing for them here,

No world of wonder,

No special form,

No life, or growth

To be reborn.


The strangers watched with eyes afar

Unsupported, distant star.

They waited till the right time came

And watched as life began again.

Vows Foresworn

When lover breaks, and vows foresworn,

Dons mask, forsakes familial home,

Claims lack of understanding there,

That love loves not and does not care,

Be sure another reason lies,

Beneath the watch of wary eyes.

Another breathes that name in sleep

While children in the home do weep

For father lost and gone astray,

Becomes a visitor by day.

Betrayal named as love remiss,

Begins with an illicit kiss.

Soon pleasures in a stranger’s room

Mark death to marriage but, don’t assume

That only men behave just so,

Wanderlust, in all breasts grow,

Taking lightly once they see

That commitment means responsibility.

Soul Mate

Kindred hearts in heaven dwell,

Sent forth to find their way,

Separated at their birth,

Far from each other stray.


In dreamers’ land each soul cries out,

Searching time and space,

Till, in the land of living,

They gaze upon that face.


Spirit-bound, yet torn apart,

Life’s map is so unclear,

Immutable, transcendent love,

Only this, is dear.

First Kiss

When youthful glance bestows first kiss,

‘Tis only eyes that meet.

No lips yet savour lovers’ bliss

And taste of treasures sweet.

A smile, so chaste and so unsure,

Finds refuge in the other,

Promises of pleasures pure

In dream-filled sleep do hover.

Temptation lingers ever close,

Portrays a deep desire,

But, only eyes reveal the heart

With passion, fuelled by fire.

Embers turn to flaming glow,

First touch sends sparks to light,

Minouche – touch lightly – skin to skin,

Innocent, sheer delight.

The well of love runs deeper still

And plunges to its base,

Lips are nearer – tentative –

Soft face upon soft face.

First kiss bestowed in trust and grace,

With love so deeply borne,

Enfolds young lovers in velvet, soft

Enwrapped and ever warm.


Oliana, thanks for minouche.

Shaun, thanks for planting the idea of first love.

Music to Mate to

There is some that sets my feet to tap;

A beating bass or drum.

Very little kind of rap –

That really turns my tum.

Some send shivers down my spine,

My loins become a-quiver,

Those melodies that flow in time

Submerge me in their river

Of sensuous mood and poetry,

In sexual voice so clear,

Move heart and mind and soul in me

When loving one is near.

Caressing words stroke down my back,

Their meaning true and fluid,

No fantasies are found to lack,

Imaginations are imbued.

Floating in a sea of love

And lust, for some good measure,

Fingers light as any dove

Seeking others’ pleasure.

Melted in the moment of

Melifluous fantasy,

Music with the one I love

Does wondrous things for me.



Or is that too much information?

Nominal Happiness

Nominal happiness chanced upon

A woman and a man.

Neither wanted what the other had

Except the prospect of an

Ordinary life in an ordinary street,

With a car and some kids

And some neighbours they could meet.

Struggling to maintain the dream

proved more than they could suffer.

Marriage needs a lot of love.

In troubles, it’s a buffer

To soothe and calm

And laugh and cry

And shout and then to kiss.

Nominal happiness, without the love,

Is really hit and miss.

The Sun

Fired with truth, simplicity,

Come finger flares to earth,

Blanketing all living forms.

Procreation, birth.


Photonic co-existence in

Cyclical progression,

Around the heavenly flame,

Marking each succession.

Evolving forms from seeds to fruits,

Abundant nature feeds,

Sourced by energetic means,

Fulfilling Mankind’s needs.