First Kiss

When youthful glance bestows first kiss,

‘Tis only eyes that meet.

No lips yet savour lovers’ bliss

And taste of treasures sweet.

A smile, so chaste and so unsure,

Finds refuge in the other,

Promises of pleasures pure

In dream-filled sleep do hover.

Temptation lingers ever close,

Portrays a deep desire,

But, only eyes reveal the heart

With passion, fuelled by fire.

Embers turn to flaming glow,

First touch sends sparks to light,

Minouche – touch lightly – skin to skin,

Innocent, sheer delight.

The well of love runs deeper still

And plunges to its base,

Lips are nearer – tentative –

Soft face upon soft face.

First kiss bestowed in trust and grace,

With love so deeply borne,

Enfolds young lovers in velvet, soft

Enwrapped and ever warm.


Oliana, thanks for minouche.

Shaun, thanks for planting the idea of first love.


8 thoughts on “First Kiss”

  1. They always say you remember your first kiss…by which I assume they’re talking about your first romantic kiss and not the slimy one planted against one’s will by maiden aunts at Christmas.


    1. If that sounded like a maiden aunt’s first kiss I’m giving up. Right enough, my first kiss was really two heads getting bumped together under the mistletoe. But, I don’t count that one.x


    1. I just love the sound of that word since I ‘heard’ you say it. I’m presuming the pronunciation is ‘min – oosh’? I didn’t know that about the velvet. I like the feel of it. Like stroking skin.
      Glad you enjoyed it. I might coming look for more French words. I don’t think, ‘Il est dans le jardin’ would work too well in poems. Although…..x


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