Music to Mate to

There is some that sets my feet to tap;

A beating bass or drum.

Very little kind of rap –

That really turns my tum.

Some send shivers down my spine,

My loins become a-quiver,

Those melodies that flow in time

Submerge me in their river

Of sensuous mood and poetry,

In sexual voice so clear,

Move heart and mind and soul in me

When loving one is near.

Caressing words stroke down my back,

Their meaning true and fluid,

No fantasies are found to lack,

Imaginations are imbued.

Floating in a sea of love

And lust, for some good measure,

Fingers light as any dove

Seeking others’ pleasure.

Melted in the moment of

Melifluous fantasy,

Music with the one I love

Does wondrous things for me.



Or is that too much information?


6 thoughts on “Music to Mate to”

  1. Since I haven’t met you personally, it was not too much information. I always wanted to make love, or friggin’ have sex, to the Scorpion’s, didn’t matter what song. Did that. Now it is Tango. Anything tango.


  2. I need to listen to whatever you’re listening to. A CD of animals mating in the wild doesn’t quite do it for me. Surprisingly.


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