Peace Will Come

Peace will come in sleepy darkness,

A blackened cloud will hold

All sins and hurts once hidden.

Peace will come in morning’s breath,

Inhaled to stanch the fear – 

All worries and disillusionment to fade.

Peace will come in loving hands,

Caressing cares away.

In tenderness, will heart behold the day.


8 thoughts on “Peace Will Come”

      1. Well, not really…it’s the kids who don’t live round here but whose parents don’t want them being noisy round their own streets that are the problem.


      2. Weans! It could be worse. We occasionally get drunken prats singing and swearing on their way back to hell, from a nearby pub. Well, I think they’re coming from the pub. It could be the public park. Buckfast and bushes.x


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