The Strangers

Soon, the strangers will appear,

When nothing’s left for world to fear.

No antidote for hopelessness,

And sleep, the only thing that’s blest,

Oblivion, no more duress.


Sooner, come the strangers now,

Lamenting earth’s betrayal, how

A planet once so self-supporting

Is haemorrhaged and now aborting,

Bleeding into lakes.


Soonest time, the strangers come,

Little time to change for some,

And most begin to wonder why,

The earth, once loved, began to die.

And so, all children cry.


The strangers came, they left again,

Nothing for them here,

No world of wonder,

No special form,

No life, or growth

To be reborn.


The strangers watched with eyes afar

Unsupported, distant star.

They waited till the right time came

And watched as life began again.


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