Vows Foresworn

When lover breaks, and vows foresworn,

Dons mask, forsakes familial home,

Claims lack of understanding there,

That love loves not and does not care,

Be sure another reason lies,

Beneath the watch of wary eyes.

Another breathes that name in sleep

While children in the home do weep

For father lost and gone astray,

Becomes a visitor by day.

Betrayal named as love remiss,

Begins with an illicit kiss.

Soon pleasures in a stranger’s room

Mark death to marriage but, don’t assume

That only men behave just so,

Wanderlust, in all breasts grow,

Taking lightly once they see

That commitment means responsibility.


4 thoughts on “Vows Foresworn”

    1. No, it’s not mine. I’d cut his balls off. And he, mine, if I had any. But I do know so many people, very closely, that this has been the case with. Widespread.x


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