A Gamble

It’s too late in the morning for reason.

No excuse seems valid to me.

You dealt your cards, now use them.

Cheating can never be free.

There’s a tax on your woeful behaviour,

A poll to pay; you won’t pass.

There are dues you had to consider,

If you wanted our union to last.

The thrill you had in your dealings,

The hand, to me, that you dealt,

No thought considered the feelings.

Was it worth it for all that you felt?

I’ve thrown my cards on the table,

I relinquish the stakes that I bet,

I’ll take my pot to a different casino.

You stay with the one that you met.

Everything has to be paid for,

All gambles, consider the odds.

Luck, in life and at tables,

Lies in the lap of the gods.

The above is not a reflection on my relationship, as someone expressed concern that a previous one was. It is a combination of imagination and knowledge of people close to me who have had experience of the above.

6 thoughts on “A Gamble”

  1. What a wonderful reflection of the level of caring your readers have for you, and your poetry is so beautifully descriptive and has a unique ability to get to the meat of the issues you write about. You reach across miles of a web oblivion and touch deep into the heart of those reading. I am very much enjoying and am so grateful to your brother for setting this blog up for you. He is a very wise soul.
    k- of k&p Catalano


    1. What a beautiful compliment. Thank you so much. I have thanked him for setting up my blog but I need to more fully express my gratitude to him for allowing me the opportunity to be creative with an audience. So much better than filing it all away.
      Thank you for your words once again. They mean a lot to me.x


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