Be My Better Me

In darkness, you will find me,

Bring light to show the way.

In troubled times, you hold me,

And bear my cares.

In dreams, your spirit guides me,

Breath on breath together.

In truth, you love me,

Better than another.

In unity; we are one,

Two halves bound.

Be my better me.

11 thoughts on “Be My Better Me”

    1. If you are fond of the current one then I will not change. I am becoming very fond of pussy cats and would not wish to offend. For fear of getting my eyes scratched out. And other considerations too.x


      1. If we are talking literally about a better half, then if half of your body is 1.0 and the other half is 2.0, I could just talk to the original half and ignore the upgraded version. It would help if you had 2 separate heads for this to work smoothly, otherwise your “better half” would be sneaking in words edgewise.


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