Dinner Date

Tailor-made to suit occasion,

Dressed for best to dine.

Sumptious food served patiently,

A red, exquisite wine.


Eyes flirting ‘cross the linen,

Morsels mouthed and sipped,

Languid lids and licking lips,

Suggestive seducing quips.


Magic spells surround them,

Other diners disappear.

Lost in sensory signals and

Words, only heart can hear.

11 thoughts on “Dinner Date”

    1. I had to Google him and, even after reading about him, I’m not quite sure how to take your comment. There are just so many similarities! Which one did you have in mind?x


      1. Henry Fielding wrote a rather infamous book called the History of Tom Jones (not the welsh singer…although he did take his name from the novel) in which there’s a dinner scene that’s loaded with sexual metaphor.


      2. Well, I wouldn’t read it again to be honest…not because it’s stomach churning, but because reading Fielding is a bit like chewing old shoe leather.


      1. My problem is I think it has to rhyme like a “regular” poem, though I know poems have many forms…. I will have to try it when hubby isn’t snoring in my ear, like now. 🙂


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