Unequal Equations

Late that day, he came,

Times already past.

Distant shores, unknown

And future would not last.

For father’s sake,

One choice to make,

A reparatory gift,

Suspending hostile measures

And soul, to heaven lift.

Comfort in the giving,

An act of pain and grief,

Solace in salvation,

Unfathomable belief.

Unequal in equations,

Scientific points of view,

Diplomatic harmony,

True plus true, still true.

4 thoughts on “Unequal Equations”

    1. This is something that is being investigated by quantum physicists and theologians the world over. I am prepared to believe that someone’s truth and another one’s truth may very well equal the same truth, professed in different manner. But, I may be wrong. It has, occasionally, been known.:)x


      1. Hmm, that is an interesting theory…that one person’s truth and another person’s truth could be the same equal truth. Religiously and spiritually, I very much believe this can apply beautifully. Psychologically, well…some people lie to themselves so much that they can no longer distinguish between truth and falsehood.


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