Choice to Fall

Woven in tapestry, threads through time,

Descendants of one from the fall,

Impressed by promise of fruit of the loom,

Forefathers, one mother to all.


Serpentine secret, temptation to explore,

The darker side of the moon,

Where valleys of vice, entice the unwary,

In voice, with seductive croon.


Fallen, forsaken and fucked, by life,

A choice, irresistibly pressed.

Guidance from one, ignored by some,

To leave a mark that will bless.


Shared heritage, with emblem displayed,

Coat-of-arms, with stories untold.


To do one, or the other thing.

More precious than diamonds and gold.


Eve took the blame, but so too does man,

Not, for loving the other,

But making some choices that, ultimately, led,

To brother killing a brother.


This lineage we share, passed through time,

Begun when the world was young,

Wisdom diminished and finished, as soon

As apple was touched by tongue.


Golden, the thread, that stitches together,

Mankind, in place and time.

The choices we make on this journey

Impact on the next in line.


One pause, I request, to think what is best

Before plucking the apple from tree.

Is whispering voice persuading your choice?

Will your choice affect you, and me?

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