Right, I don’t know which to be more embarrassed about.

You decide.

I had to check back there but it would seem that I started this blog on June 13th this year. And I have posted 215 posts. What a red neck! My family have always said that I could talk for Scotland. I just thought I liked a good natter and I love ‘heavy’ discussions. It would appear, however, that they know me better than I know myself. At least, with regard to my ability to rabbit on about everything and nothing in equal measure.

A few people have asked me to thank my brother for setting up this blog for me which is probably one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received.

I am now beginning to suspect that he may have set it up so that he wouldn’t have to listen to me yakking on interminably.

Notably, many others have not asked me to thank my brother which I choose to take as them being remiss rather than being too polite to tell me that I should slap my brother on their behalf.

So, Phil, thanks again. If you’re out there reading this. Chances are he’s got his headphones on as he cycles hither and thither, thanking his lucky stars that he is no longer obliged to listen to my drivellings.

So, that’s embarrassment number 1. Just how verbose am I? Answers on a postcard to an address that I will not be disclosing. Do you really think I’m going to dry up now? Not a chance. I have found an ear and it’s a big one. I’m going to bend it like Beckham.

Embarrassment Number 2 is actually an embarrassment of riches.

I am mortified to post here the numerous awards that I have not yet answered although accepted. A bit like accepting a present, thanking for it and then not using it.

But, in order to maintain my flow of prattle, I’m going to post them all here as one otherwise I’ll never get to garble on again.

I am sure I am in no way as deserving as these awards would suggest and it’s going to look like a big raspberry and a, ‘Nah, nah, nah, nah’, moment.

It’s in no way intended to be that.

But I go back to work in exactly one week. Shiiit. I don’t know how I’m going to teach all day without running to the computer to check for posts and comments here. But, I’ll have to.

This little time I have left I have so much to do with so, yes, I am cheating.

Below are the awards and I will add them to my award page. Have you checked it out? It’s smoking. And it’s smoking because it’s been lit by the fire of generosity from so many others who have liked and passed on their approval in a heartening and much appreciated way.

Suzie at nominated me for the Versatile blogger award and the Medallion of Awesomeness. Suzie, big hugs and kisses. You have been a source of support and enjoyment. Fellow teacher and new friend.x

bouquet-award-1 award_awesomeness at Winding Road awarded me the Bouquet Of 3. A mum on the journey as so many of us. Having fun on the way and a few tears. Thank you.


Goldy Gal at said I deserved the Super Sweet Blog Award. This young lady is one of the sweetest. Great pictures and sincere  with it.

Cupcake4 has outdone himself in generosity here and awarded me the Quintet of Radiance. He’s a lovely chap with a gentle, endearing humour that is so charming. He makes me giggle too.

Quintet 1inner-peace-awardQuintet 2sunshine-awardQuintet 3abc-award-1 Quintet most-influential-blogger-1 Quintet versatile-blogger-nominations-1

Bdh63 at had a party and invited guests to take an award from those displayed. Since I’ve never had the Loyal Reader Award I’m snaffling that one. Thanks.:)  


EJ over at has awarded me Best Moment.


EJ has a lovely solution which I think I’m going to adopt to cope with the multitude of awards. More on that at the end.

Shaun at has awarded me the Shine On Award for which I am very grateful.


Now, I’m supposed to put a song in here. Not personally, although you never know. I have been known to. It’s a James Blunt song called Shine On but I’ll be buggered if I can work out how I’m supposed to put the video here. So, to check it out, look at Shaun’s link.

And, that’s it

If I have omitted anyone who kindly nominated me, ping me and I will correct it.

I want to thank everyone for all these awards. I am stunned to have received them.

Now, back to EJ.

EJ has had the idea of distributing these awards over a period of time which I think is a fab idea.

As you can see from the above, I wouldn’t surface for days, maybe weeks if I tried to link to answer all the requirements. So, I’m thinking. How about if I distribute these as and when I read someone that I think deserves it and who is totally new to the game (unlike this old hand here of 8 weeks or so)? I know that I felt so encouraged when I received my very first one. And they are a lot of work. So, I’m going to look out for newbies to pass on the encouragement and the love.

I go back to work exactly one week from today. Those teacher holidays certainly fly in. *Ducks*

Once, I’m back I’ll be up to my neck in work and the flow will probably slow down. Aww. I know I will not be able to answer any awards in full. Should I receive any more (hint, hint) I will link them to this page and pass them on whenever I meet a new blogger.

Is that ok? Can I do that?

Well, let’s see. I’m putting in a poll. I’ve so wanted to do this.


37 thoughts on “Mortified”

  1. Well, you have to read my post on “Why I don’t like the liebster award”. 😉 I don’t do awards. I say thank-you graciously, and then I move on….if others think I’m ungrateful, so be it. I’m not, I just choose to highlight bloggers I love in other ways. Do what feels right for you!!


  2. Wow, that is a lot of awards. All most deserved! And of course you can do that. You can do whatever you want! I almost clicked the second option on the poll anyway though, just ’cause it was funnier. But I refrained and clicked the one I agreed with… this time.Congrats on the awards!


    1. I just wanted to do a poll. So pleased I figured it out. Still a few others to figure along the way. Thanks for the congrats and the nomination. And the idea.x


  3. I look upon ‘WordPress Awards’ in the same way that I used to look upon those postings on Facebook that ran: “Do you know somebody who’s got the flu/man boobs/idiocy etc? If you don’t repost this then you’re a total and utter git”. As it turns out I’m a git. I just post the ‘award’ but never bother inflicting them on anyone else.


    1. So, that would be choice number 3 then?
      I ‘ve never been involved in the whole Facebook experience so I guess I’ll run this way. And do you know someone with man boobs?x


  4. I’ve always thought the rules were kind of optional, there’s no award police — omg is that them at the door?!?!? False alarm, only Jehovah’s Witnesses. Anyway, I do them when I have time (read not lately), but I do try to thank and name new nominees because I think it helps everybody build community. You have to do what you have time for. What do you mean you are going back to work and leaving us high and dry??? [Several curse words typed and deleted] Well, I don’t know how you do it as it is. You are one prolific woman! My hat is off to you. Or it would be if I were wearing one.


    1. You’re so right about the sense of community.
      I know, from previous experience, that I leave things and then cram. Pulling all-nighters to get college work done. Still do it sometimes if I’ve got a heavy workload that I’ve let slip. Once back, it’s all systems go, so time will be at a premium.
      I really must get a look at these hats.x


  5. Well, I think it’s a good idea and probably will follow your thoughts on that. Sometimes it is exhausting to do an award, sometimes is easy, but in the end it’s flattering and comforting to know people appreciate and enjoy reading your blog 😀


  6. Don’t be mortified. I’m sure if I were inspired half as often as you are, I’d have many more posts as well!
    I’ve always been afraid of posting too frequently. I don’t want to be the “inbox filler” that people hate, but I don’t want to post so infrequently that people don’t remember my blog at all.

    I don’t think you have a worry though. What you write is insightful and creative. I’ve never once caught myself thinking “Oh, her again!?!” when I see your blog come through my reader. I quite enjoy reading what you write! Please don’t stop, unless of course it is of your own choosing. I would miss your posts!


  7. Hahah I did your poll and I’m the only one so far to fall asleep on you…which I didn’t really, but I skimmed through the awards section. Very nice!


      1. You sound like my eldest daughter. She gets away with murder the things she says at times. Then smiles and laughs and says, ‘Kiddin’ on’. I find it charming and can’t help laugh at some of the outrageous things that she gets away with, with a wink, a laugh and a K.O. x


  8. I am notoriously lazy with awards; I slip them into a page on my blog, but don’t participate much otherwise. For one, I’m OCDish and don’t like them cluttering up my main blog, and second, I feel like MANY of the people I follow have already GOTTEN the awards I have! And I would tend to repeatedly nominate similar people, I feel… But I’ve been thinking of having a “Feature Friday” or something, so I can spread the love.


    1. I never even knew they existed at first.I only really came on to ‘do my thang’ but I’ve found such a welcoming community. It’s so refreshing and hospitable. I really am in awe at the responses of people. I still can’t believe I’m chatting to people the world over. Anyone would think I’d never heard of the internet. I’ve just never used it for anything like this.
      I want to be able to encourage anyone else who finds this lovely place so I’ll be on particular lookout for total newbies and hope they feel as welcome as I have been made to feel.
      A feature day sounds like a good idea. I might even look to dedicating one day just to dishing awards.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.x


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