A new message arrived in my inbox,

I smiled when I saw what it said,

This one I shall keep to look at again.

Not deleted, even after being read.


The contents are not really private,

But they might not be interesting to you.

It was a message relayed, through someone, from God,

Telling me what I had to do.


I laughed with such joy when I read it,

It said all I wanted to hear;

To communicate and shout from the heavens.

So, I guess that’s why I’ve found myself here.


It’s amazing to me, someone that I don’t know,

Heard a word and passed it by mail.

An assignment from Him, delivered so modernly.

Who knew that God no longer used snail?


Part of the message said that He had my addy,

To expect communication from Him,

But, before further greater enlightenment,

I should be open and filled to the brim


By all He can offer, if I but just ask,

And listen with two willing ears.

So I’m knocking and seeking for God to instil

More confidence , from some of my fears.


I tell you, I cried when I read it,

Such tears that made my face damp.

If He’d sent it by post, I’m telling you too,

I would also be treasuring that stamp.



Perhaps, when I’m in the mood to wonder why,

And the results have no adverse prospects,

I’ll take time to ponder all permutations

Of multiple cause and effects.


I’ll consider all options

Work it out with my pen,

My paper will flow with equations,

I’ll heed repercussions,

Imagine all outcomes.

But, seriously, until then,

I’ll go with my gut and some common sense,

I’ll temper decisions with love.

And pray that my actions are heartily approved

By the judge who watches above.


There’s a level of proficiency to my ability

To ignore what’s convenient to ignore.

To prioritise is a marvellous facility.

It helps me to achieve so much more.


I survey dust on a surface as something

Where a finger can create so much art.

A cobweb or two, hanging just so,

Can make a room look rather smart.


Some dog hair on the rug can lend panache

To an otherwise plain display,

And leaving some dishes till morning

Helps me make more of my day.


There’s a battle of wills for attention

Between people and things and me.

People come first, I come second

And the things, well, will just wait and see.


A quick tidy and spruce has remarkable use,

More than splendid housewifery.

Immaculate homes, with no features,

Lack something of a personality.


So, welcome, sit down, kick off your shoes,

Put your feet up. I’ll make us some tea.

I’d rather give time to people and thoughts

Than watching time rise up to flee.


Yes, time has a habit of running,

And chasing just isn’t my style.

So choosing, what’s important and not,

Is obvious, to me, by a mile.


Prioritise where there are chances;

Of course, keep diseases at bay.

But, as for the rest, without special request?

I’d rather make time to play.