Perhaps, when I’m in the mood to wonder why,

And the results have no adverse prospects,

I’ll take time to ponder all permutations

Of multiple cause and effects.


I’ll consider all options

Work it out with my pen,

My paper will flow with equations,

I’ll heed repercussions,

Imagine all outcomes.

But, seriously, until then,

I’ll go with my gut and some common sense,

I’ll temper decisions with love.

And pray that my actions are heartily approved

By the judge who watches above.

29 thoughts on “Decisions”

  1. Is that the same as over-thinking? 😉 Just kidding. You should have been a lawyer, that’s what lawyers are supposed to do.


      1. I do like your poems a lot. I hope that shines through, joking aside. Joking a-snide? Oh, I can never stop joking. It’s a terrible character flaw.


      2. Humour is all so much to the good. How can that be a flaw? I’m glad you enjoy them. It gives so much pleasure that you take the time to read and comment.:)x


  2. Hello scottishmom. I love this and also your profile photo of your eye. It’s lovely I love the gold flecks next to the iris. I’m an eye person. Thank you for you comments and for also following my blog. I can see I am going to love the deeper things you write. I’m right there with you.


  3. ‘I’ll temper decisions with love.

    And pray that my actions are heartily approved’

    Loved it! Beautifully expressed!


  4. I have a perfect I’m going to download a dictation program; might help with some decisions! 🙂 Then maybe I can start writing “almost” as well as you! 🙂


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