A bizarre card depicting

Emotive fire;

Girding Hades’

Impassioned and

Jealoused kingdom.

Laved mainly now of

Putrid and querulous,

Reactive souls.

Turbulent underbelly with

Violent welts,


Youthful Zion.

I have no idea if this may already be a form. Taking each letter of the alphabet in turn, perhaps allowing connectives or not. Correct me please, I need to learn. A bit of licence on the ‘x’ too! 🙂 x



So similar, mine probably doesn’t count. Ah well, back to the drawing board. 😦 x


27 thoughts on “Alphabetised”

  1. This is a very clever poem. I noticed that you italicized the words that don’t fit in with the alphabet sequence but did not do this with “expressing” at the end. Was this intentional to denote a different meaning?


      1. You found a practical solution. I missed the forest for the trees. Krikey, it’s 6:22 a.m. in the morning and I still haven’t slept yet.


      2. Gawd, I wish I did. Except I would turn night into day as well. I’m bad enough just now during the holidays. It will be a real shock to my system come Monday. But, it’s been great while it lasted.x


      1. You think you’re bad at 6.22a.m. It’s now 9.15p.m. here and it’s taken me until now and the suggestion of Lileth to realise that you were possibly suggesting italicising the E. And I can’t believe I’m even commenting on this like it matters. But, you know, it’s utterly fascinating how it can take me about nine hours to catch on! Just sayin’. 🙂 x


      1. don’t be daft, you know your craft
        and write quite beautifully,
        a poet born that none shall scorn,
        poetry breathed teriffically

        (not sure teriffically is a word but it is now *giggles*)


  2. There is a form similar to this, can’t remember the name, but that one takes each VERSE and begins it with a letter in succession, not the words themselves in succession like you did. VERY brilliant and love the idea of italicizing the words not in the alphabet to accentuate differentiation. 😀

    Ooooo maybe italicize the “E” too to make it look even cooler 😀


    1. Good idea. I did search and linked the one you refer to. I think from, what I remember, of a quick reading, it is as you describe. Hebrew, I think it said, verses from the Torah, alphabetising each stanza possibly. I’ll have to look at it again.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂 x


  3. This is similar to the Abecedarian form, though the abecedarian, like Lilith says, begins the new line or stanza with the new letter. The offshoot of the abecedarian is the acrostic. The only other time I’ve seen anything similar to what you’ve created here is a form of “prose poetry” I wrote using the alphabet. Going from what I’ve read and have done myself, I believe your form is a novel form.


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