Different Pairs of Eyes

Innocence and worldly-wise,

Two different pairs of seeing eyes,

Alerted to survey the land

With fortitude and willing hand.

One runs swiftly, seizes day,

Other, ponders some and stops to pray.

Innocence bears a heavy load,

Struggles, lonely, on broken road,

Worldly,too, stumbles in this mode.

Not seeing innocent and subtle code,

But, cynicism and lies.



Who Are You?

Oh, such is understanding word,

That all you read seems quite absurd.

I get the point for I have pointed,

But, say, my elbow was disjointed?

And what I pointed to was broken

Must I then speak in words true spoken?

Or does a heart ken all it sees

And bows on genuflected knees?

No, truth is quite transparent when

The washer wipes and so reckons

That all they see inside the room is not

All fear and doom and gloom.

But, measured with some point of faith,

Relays the truth and sees the wraith

That succours to a heaven sent

And knows that life is all but spent.

And then,

A future seems so much to clear,

Enamoured, fill their hearts with cheer.

But, truth be told,

There is no heart in those I here now do depart

From, endless war that is so waged.

Engaged I find and, too enraged.

This bastard life that spat


Knows not family delusion.

A happy child, a carefree name.

Identity inside the frame

Of subterfuge and grand design

This heart is broken. ‘Tis not mine.


There’s a part of me misunderstood.

I get it, yup, I know that’s good.

For all who seek an understanding,

First, cry out, an ode demanding,

What is yours?

What story tell?

I sympathise,

Empathise as well.

This heart that seeks an understanding

Is, therefore, one who’s undemanding.

And so, I cry alone tonight,

And bid my children, spouse, ‘Goodnight’.

I’m sure they wonder, as do I,

What is the fascination?

I’ve thought. I’ve searched. I’ve wondered too.

This is God’s just creation,

For all Whom I encounter here,

Raise voice and shout,

And sometimes fear

Repercusssions, Honesty,

Absolved from all hypocrisy

In quiet voice and humble note,

I notice all whom I have spoken to

With. ‘ Shout. Proclaim.

And justify.’

You’re here for solace.

So am I.