Different Pairs of Eyes

Innocence and worldly-wise,

Two different pairs of seeing eyes,

Alerted to survey the land

With fortitude and willing hand.

One runs swiftly, seizes day,

Other, ponders some and stops to pray.

Innocence bears a heavy load,

Struggles, lonely, on broken road,

Worldly,too, stumbles in this mode.

Not seeing innocent and subtle code,

But, cynicism and lies.



10 thoughts on “Different Pairs of Eyes”

    1. Thanks. I always read aloud during and after writing. That’s pretty much how I edit. I also read aloud the poems of others to really savour the flavour.
      Oops, this rhyming malarkey is terribly catching and often unintended, but I’m back to work tomorrow, so I fear that it has ended. At least, quite so much of it. Unless, of course I teach in rhyme. Unppreciated, it would be and would take up too much time.
      Right, I’m stopping now. This is just getting ridiculous.
      Thanks again for reading and your lovely comments.x


  1. Sad but true. I would still prefer the eyes of innocence because the other pair of eyes are harder to transform. Lovely poem.


    1. I was indeed thinking of you and others I have read here whose innocence of soul shines through. Even while, perhaps in life, seen as worldly wise. I guess the two can live together and may be able to convey understanding from both perspectives.
      Thanks and hugs.x


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