Words spoken,

With hurt and a sharp blade of scorn.

Some relish the premise

That all life is blemished,

Cursing the days they were born.



A clothing

Of sackcloth and ashes, one vest,

To pockmark the soul,

Unfathomable goal,

For a mind that cannot find rest.



And brightened,

A frightened seeker knows more.

This journey, an adventure,

With worry and pleasure,

Can fill, with love, to the core.


Hands reaching,

Not preaching,

Mere love, from the source of all light.

One soothing call,

Voice crooning; expelling all

Darkness, from out of the night.

16 thoughts on “Enlightened”

    1. Been going at it rather madly today! Hi, ho, it’s back to work I go tomorrow. Blogging needs must take a step back. That’s something I don’t relish. I have a feeling, that as I make notes tomorrow on whatever is trivia for the day, I’ll be zoning out to a little poetry. Kind words, Cubby.x


    1. Don’t know if that sounds so good. I hope you haven’t put in a bad night. I’ll think of you today.
      I must admit, I’ve wakened and checked the time on my phone umpteen times during the night. Unfortunately, I think I woke hubby up every time. There will be two grumpy old gits today and I do have to take the blame!
      Thanks for the luck. It’s in-service for the next two days so I won’t meet my new kids until Wednesday.
      Meet you in the blogosphere later. Have a great day.x


      1. Today is a new days, and I’ve shaken off the darker mood of last night. Lord knows, we all have them. 🙂 I’m going to go take a walk, and then spend the day doing errands with the kids. Woo-hoo! 😉


      2. 🙂 That, I have. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate what you have. I should shift my longing to chocolate, that’s more easily obtainable. 🙂


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