Lovely New Blogger

I try not to break my word.

After receiving a batch of awards I proposed nominating any new bloggers I thought were deserving.

I know I’ve got a bloody good cheek, having been at this game for the grand total of ummm… since mid June. I can’t work it out. I’ve just come back from my first day at work after the long summer holidays so my brain isn’t working as well it could be if I’d been allowed to continue my holidays. But, apparently, ‘they’ won’t pay me for that. So…


I’ve just come across this lady, Joan, at

Joan writes from the heart to the heart, something that always impresses me.

I would like to pass on the Bouquet of Three Award to her as kindly given to me previously by


Here are the rules: (should you wish to follow them!)

  1. Display the Award Certificate on your website/blog.
  2. Announce your win with a post. Make sure to post a link back to me as a     ‘thank you’ for the nomination.
  3. Present up to 15 awards to deserving bloggers.
  4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post.
  5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.



What the hell!


  1. I like fruit gums. You know the kind, like the Rowntree’s variety. I took a notion of them when I was pregnant and I’ve eaten them since.
  2. I also liked them before I was pregnant. I always have, actually.
  3. When I was devouring them furiously while pregnant my ex- sister- in-law kept helping herself to them and I wanted to strangle her for eating them. Considering I’d always liked them and could have them any day of the week, there was absolutely no excuse for being such a selfish so-and-so except for the excuse that I was pregnant and she was EATING MY GUMS.


That’s it. Three completely useless pieces of information. I do have more but I’m chewing slowly and spreading it out. J


Leave My Lollipop Alone!

I’m writing really fast here – can you tell? –  ‘cos my internet connection is faulty and Virgin Media has told me that it will be intermittent for the next few days which is completely doing my head in.

I have come to depend on it and I don’t like having it removed, even intermittently.

I feel like a toddler with a lollipop that someone keeps trying to take from me. I would like to have a tantrum but it’s not my style.

Feckety, feckety, feckety, feck!

That feels better.

Meanwhile, an interlude.

 Do you know that it is extremely difficult to paint with a mouse? No, not because their tail gets in the way. I mean the little doo-dah mouse attached to my laptop because I hate using the finger thingy.

Attempts to use the paint application, in an effort to embellish my minor rant with a little art work in the absence of being able to download any clipart because my feckin internet is down, resulted in the following.




Now, I am no art connoisseur but, for all I know, this may be worthy of the Tate.

My children, however, have chosen to give me the benefit of their many years of artistic experience.

‘A hacket wean’, was one.

‘A demented old woman’, was another suggestion. The youngest wanted to know why someone wanted to hit the child with a big, red hammer. On pointing out that it was, in fact, a lollipop she queried its size in relation to the head. Not one of them found the level of mouse control a feat of note. And two of them said she had hair like a fifty year old. I do not have hair like that, let me point out. And neither am I fifty.

I had no idea my children could be so critical about art nor so anal with regard to artistic licence. I don’t ever recollect telling them that their artwork was crap when they brought home unending reams of paper from nursery or school for fridge display.

I may just print this off in larger size and stick a magnet on it.

The image was in no way improved by the cropping process. Prior to that it was gorgeous.

Heavenly Light

Bring me no flowers,

Cry me no tears,

Think back, instead,

On all of those years

Of laughing and growing

And crying as well.

Remember those moments,

Your children to tell.


For life is a circle

That goes on and round,

Up here in my heaven,

Down there on your ground.

The illusion of death

Is all but just that.

People all thought the world

Was once flat.


The light permeates,

All atomic states,

I’m one with you still,

Your heaven awaits.

Fear not a devil,

Or some fiery hell,

God’s presence is luminous

And all hearts do swell.


I’m soaring as one in the presence of light,

The idea of hell is but unending night,

An absence of awe in glorious rays,

Interminable darkness for unending days.

Draw near the source, you know this, of course,

But a reminder is all to the good.

Bask in His wonder, proclaim it asunder,

For light to the soul is our food.